Firebase Hosting

How to deploy an app to Firebase Hosting using codemagic.yaml

Note: This guide only applies to workflows configured with the codemagic.yaml.

Publishing to Firebase Hosting with Codemagic is a straightforward process as the Firebase CLI is already pre-installed on our virtual machines. Please note that you will have to set it up for your project locally before publishing it to Firebase Hosting. You can find more information in the official Firebase documentation.

Using Firebase Google Service Account

  1. To get started you will need a Google service account user with Cloud Build Service Account, Firebase Admin and API Keys Admin roles as shown in the Firebase docs.

  2. You can follow the step-by-step guide to create the service account user here.

  3. Configure the JSON key received from step 2 as an environment variable name FIREBASE_SERVICE_ACCOUNT .

  4. Add an environment variable name GOOGLE_APPLICATION_CREDENTIALS and set its the value to $CM_BUILD_DIR/firebase_credentials.json. Make sure to mark it as secure and Enter the variable group name, e.g. firebase_credentials. You can check the doc here for more details.

  5. In your workflow, use the below script to copy the contents of the JSON key in your project folder.

  - name: Write Google credentials
    script: | 
  1. For publishing to Firebase Hosting, add the following script in codemagic.yaml right after executing the build script.
  - name: Publish to Firebase Hosting
    script: | 
      firebase deploy --only hosting

Using Firebase token

  1. To get started with adding Firebase Hosting to Codemagic, you will need to obtain your Firebase token. In order to do that, run the following in your local terminal:

    firebase login:ci

  2. After running the command, your default browser should prompt for authorization to your Firebase project. When access is granted, the necessary token will appear in your terminal.

  3. Open your Codemagic app settings, and go to the Environment variables tab.

  4. Enter the desired Variable name, e.g. FIREBASE_TOKEN.

  5. Copy and paste the content of the token displayed in your terminal as Variable value.

  6. Enter the variable group name, e.g. firebase_credentials. Click the button to create the group.

  7. Make sure the Secure option is selected.

  8. Click the Add button to add the variable.

  9. Create a new script for publishing to Firebase Hosting in your scripts section of the .yaml file and add it right after the build step


  - name: Publish to Firebase Hosting
    script: | 
      firebase deploy --token "$FIREBASE_TOKEN"

When the build is successful, you can see your application published to Firebase Hosting. You can find the direct URL to the deployed build also from the log output in Codemagic UI:

✔  Deploy complete!

Project Console:
Hosting URL: