Build status badges

How to add build status badges using codemagic.yaml

Adding Codemagic status badges to repositories helps to keep the latest build status visible. The build status badge is workflow-specific and displays whether the build passed or failed.

Adding status badges to your repository

The build status badge URL can be constructed as following:<app-id>/<workflow-id>/status_badge.svg

  1. To find the <app-id>, navigate to your application in the Codemagic UI and copy the ID shown in the URL after
  2. In the URL, replace <workflow-id> with the ID (workflow name defined in codemagic.yaml) of the workflow whose build status you want to display.

Based on the following YAML example, the right substitute for <workflow-id> would be release-workflow.

    name: Release

Thus, the final URL should look something like

To use the build status badge with markdown, e.g. when adding it to a repository’s README, it should be formatted in the following way:

[![Codemagic build status](<app-id>/<workflow-id>/status_badge.svg)](<app-id>/<workflow-id>/latest_build)
Note: If builds are set to public (or the user has logged in and has access to the build), then clicking on the link will open up the build page on Codemagic.