How to send build status updates to email with links to artifacts in codemagic.yaml

If the build finishes successfully, release notes (if passed) and the generated artifacts will be published to the provided email address(es). The artifact download links in email are, by default, valid for 24 hours; the lifetime of publicly accessible artifact download links is configurable in Team settings > Artifact download links.

If the build fails, an email with a link to build logs will be sent.

If you don’t want to receive an email notification on build success or failure, you can set success to false or failure to false accordingly.

      success: false # To not receive a notification when a build succeeds
      failure: false # To not receive a notification when a build fails

When you set up email publishing, Codemagic publishes the following artifacts:

  • app
  • ipa
  • apk
  • the archive with Flutter web build directory
  • Linux application bundle files
  • Windows MSIX packages
  • .exe