Getting help and support

How to find answers to your questions and resolve issues


If you need help in setting up your project or would like to know more about Codemagic features, the first source of information to consult should certainly be these documentation pages. Make sure to use the search bar to its full potential as it may help you discover the answers you are looking for.

We are constantly updating and improving our documentation so it might be helpful to revisit the old topics from time to time to catch up with the new features.

If you find any errors or issues in any of the documentation pages, please report them and/or suggest improvements here.

Blog and Sample projects

Another great source of knowledge is our blog. It is filled with articles, guides, and deep dives on a variety of topics that can simultaneously serve as an inspiration and as teaching material. Paired with ready-to-use sample projects in our repository, they are a valuable resource both for beginners and for more advanced users.

Community support with GHD

Sometimes, things will go wrong despite following the exact steps outlined in the documentation. Should you encounter such an issue, a great place to search for answers is in our GitHub discussions. Chances are, someone else has already encountered a similar error and a quick search might unblock your project in no time.

If searching the discussions does not give any results and you are convinced you are the first person to encounter the issue, feel free to start a new topic. Please follow the standard best practices for bug reporting:

  • Keep the title short and specific
  • If the title isn’t enough, add a short summary explaining the issue
  • For build-related issues, please include your build ID. This will help our support to compare Codemagic internal logs for the event. Build ID cannot be used by third parties to compromise your account or get to your data in any way.
  • Where applicable, add a screenshot or other visual explanation
  • Clearly explain the expected behavior vs. the actual results
  • Describe your project, environment, and other settings in as much detail as you can

Please don’t forget to mark the issue as resolved once the correct answer has been found as this will greatly help others.

Codemagic Community Discord Server

You can join the Codemagic Community Discord Server to connect with the Codemagic Team and chat with other Codemagic users.

You can join the Discord server here.

Billing enabled customers - Intercom

In addition to the above, customers on paid plans can contact our support team directly using the chat widget available in their Codemagic UI.

To guarantee the best experience and speed up issue resolution time, please follow the same error reporting guidelines as for the GitHub discussions.

Our support engineers are available during office hours, Mon - Fri 9:00 - 18:00 EEST (UTC+3), excluding Estonian public holidays.