GitHub releases

How to create a GitHub release with artifacts using the Flutter workflow editor

Codemagic enables you to automatically create a GitHub release and upload generated artifacts when your build is triggered on tag creation. Read more about GitHub releases in GitHub’s documentation.


  1. The setting is only available for GitHub repositories.
  2. You need to enable automatic build triggering on tag creation. This setting can be found in App settings > Build triggers > Trigger on tag creation. Don’t forget to add a branch pattern and ensure the webhook exists.

Setting up GitHub release publishing

The setting can be found in App settings > Publish > GitHub releases. To enable it, check the Create a release and publish artifacts checkbox. To notify users that the release is not ready for production and may be unstable, mark it as pre-release by enabling checkbox Mark build as pre-release.

Publishing to GitHub happens only for successful builds triggered on tag creation and is unavailable for manual builds.

You can control which of the generated artifacts will be uploaded to the created release by defining artifact name glob patterns. You can use a specific name, e.g. app-release.apk or use glob patterns. Two patterns, *.apk and *.ipa, are added by default. To add a new pattern, enter the pattern and click Add. Don’t forget to click Save when you are done. Note that you can delete added patterns anytime.

The following pattern wildcards are supported:

* matches everything

? matches any single character

[seq] matches any character in seq

[!seq] matches any character not in seq