Build status badges

Adding Codemagic status badges to repositories helps to keep the latest build status visible. The build status badge is workflow-specific, and displays whether the build passed or failed.

Adding status badges to your repository

The build status badge URL can be constructed as following:<app-id>/<workflow-id>/status_badge.svg

  1. To substitute <app-id>, navigate to your application in the Codemagic UI and copy the ID after
  2. In the URL, replace <workflow-id> with the ID of the workflow whose build status you want to display.

Based on the following YAML example, the right substitute for <workflow-id> would be release-workflow.

    name: Release

Thus, the final URL should look something like

To use the build status badge with markdown, e.g. when adding it to a repository’s README, it should be formatted in the following way:

[![Codemagic build status](<app-id>/<workflow-id>/status_badge.svg)](<app-id>/<workflow-id>/latest_build)
If builds are set to public (or the user has logged in and has access to the build), then clicking on the link will open up the build page on Codemagic.