Custom binary names

How to change produced binary names for Android and iOS


In order to change the file name for the generated .ipa artifact, edit the CFBundleDisplayName key in the Info.plist file.

If the app is configured with flavors, the CFBundleName key needs to be configured with a custom name.


In order to change the artifact file name for Android apps, edit the archiveBaseName property in the app/build.gradle file.

For example, to generate a binary name using your app package name and version:

defaultConfig {
   setProperty("archivesBaseName", applicationId + "-v" + versionCode + "(" + versionName + ")")

To use some arbitrary custom name, set the property as follows:

  setProperty("archivesBaseName", "YOUR_CUSTOM_NAME")


As Flutter does not allow binary names to be changed in build.gradle, a temporary workaround is to use the mv command. Make sure to reference the new .apk file in the artifacts section:

    - name: Rename the apk file
      script: | 
        mv build/app/outputs/flutter-apk/app-release.apk \
    - build/app/outputs/flutter-apk/my_renamed_binary_name-release.apk