Sync Plastic SCM with Git

How to Sync Plastic SCM with Git

Plastic SCM is a full-featured DVCS (Distributed Version Control Software)which also supports the Git network protocol. Plastic SCM can push and pull changes directly to any remote Git server. This is because Plastic supports the https:// and git:// protocols for pushing and pulling changesets.

This feature immediately turns Plastic SCM into a DVCS fully compatible with Git. The advantage of this is that you can use Plastic or Git on your workstation and still participate in Git projects (GitHub, CodePlex, and many more). Check out the official GitSync documentation.

To do so, you can right click on any branch in the Branches tab and Sync with Git.

How to sync Plastic SCM with Git

Then you need to add your Git repository URL, User Name, and Password to access that repository.