Migrating from GitHub OAuth to GitHub App

On April 19, 2021, Codemagic deprecated the GitHub OAuth integration due to GitHub ending support for OAuth App integrations; you can read more about it here. If you used the GitHub OAuth integration, please switch to the GitHub App to continue building your GitHub repositories.

Who needs to migrate?

If you signed up or used to log in to Codemagic via GitHub (All repositories, OAuth), then this means we were using the OAuth integration to access the repositories on your GitHub account. A warning is displayed on the Applications page and also in the team settings if any of the apps shared in a team or on your personal account used the OAuth integration. Unless you switch to GitHub App and share access to these repositories, they will remain unavailable.

Deprecating OAuth does not affect GitHub repositories that are added over SSH or HTTPS.

GitHub OAuth vs. GitHub App

The key difference between OAuth and GitHub App integrations is the scope of permissions. While OAuth requires you to grant Codemagic a very broad scope of permissions which included write access to all your repositories, the GitHub App integration requests only read access to your code and you can select which repositories you share with Codemagic.

In addition, the GitHub App integration will also make it possible to use GitHub Checks.

Without write access to the repository, Codemagic will no longer be able to push GitHub releases without additional configuration. Publishing GitHub releases now requires setting up a personal access token in GitHub and saving it as an environment variable in Codemagic.

Due to these changes, we will be removing the GitHub releases section from Flutter workflow editor. You can continue to publish GitHub releases by setting up a personal access token and using a custom script in the Pre-publish step. See the instructions here.

For builds configured in codemagic.yaml, update your configuration by saving the personal access token to the environment section, see more details here.

Switching to GitHub App

From April 19 onwards, users logging in to Codemagic with their GitHub account will be prompted to authorize and install the GitHub App if they do not already have it installed.

If you log in via email, Bitbucket, or GitLab but have repositories that are accessed via the GitHub OAuth integration, you should enable the GitHub App integration in your user or team settings. Note that GitHub App must be enabled separately for your personal account in Codemagic user settings and each team in team settings.

See how to connect the GitHub App integration, manage access to accounts and repositories and troubleshoot issues with repository access here.