Adding apps from Bitbucket

How to add an app to Codemagic from Bitbucket

For the best integration with the Git provider, it’s recommended to connect your Bitbucket repositories using the repository integration built in to Codemagic.

Adding apps from Bitbucket requires granting access to your Bitbucket account to enable the integration and load repositories.

  1. Click Add application in the top right corner of the Applications page.
  2. If you are an owner of a team in Codemagic, you’ll be asked to Select a team. You can only add the application to a team that has billing enabled. If you don’t own any teams, this step is skipped and the application will be added to your personal account.
  3. Select Bitbucket as the Git provider and click Next: Authorize integration. A new window appears for you to authorize Codemagic. Confirm the authorization by clicking Grant access. If you have already authorized Bitbucket, click Next: Select repository instead.
  4. Set up the application by selecting the repository from the dropdown menu and specifying the project type. Click Finish: Add application. You will be then redirected to the app settings.

See the getting started guides and sample projects configured with codemagic.yaml to set up your project. Alternatively, Flutter apps can be also configured using the Flutter workflow editor.