Adding apps from custom sources

You can add apps from public or private Git-based repositories. This includes repositories requiring SSH key authentication.

To add an app from custom source:

  1. Click Add app from custom source on the Applications page.

  2. Then, fill in all the required fields.

    • Enter the Repository URL for cloning the repository. You can find the URL from your repository on clicking Clone / Clone or download. Depending on whether you're accessing a public or a private repo, choose either the HTTPS or SSH URL. The most common URL formats are as follows: or

    • If a private key is required to access the repository or any private submodules in it, upload the SSH private key file.

    • If the SSH key is password-protected, you'll be also asked to enter the SSH key password.

  3. Click Add app.

Your app will be then listed on the Applications page and you can immediately start running builds.

Repositories behind firewall

To allow Codemagic access the private repository, the following IP addresses need to be whitelisted:

  1. - used by our backend for getting basic information about the repository
  2. - used by our builder servers to download the code and build it