Static code analysis

How to run Static Code Analysis in Flutter workflow editor configured builds

Flutter Analyze

Test your code with flutter analyze to find possible mistakes. You can read more about this feature in Dart documentation. By default, Flutter Analyze is disabled and has to be enabled in App settings > Tests > Static code analysis by checking the Enable Flutter analyzer option.

When enabled, flutter analyze will be run with each build. You can see the results and the logs of the analysis under the Testing step in build overview.

Codemagic specifies the analyze command in the Flutter analyze arguments field. You can pass additional arguments to customize static code analysis.

For example, adding --write=analyzer-output.txt prints the results of static code analysis into a text file. If this is applied, the generated text file containing the test results can be retrieved as a downloadable artifact by adding this Pre-publish script:

 cp -r $CM_BUILD_DIR/analyzer-output.txt $CM_EXPORT_DIR/analyzer-output.txt 

Stop build if tests or analysis fail

If you check Stop build if tests or analysis fail, the build will stop after finishing all the enabled tests or analysis runs when any of them fail. Such builds will have the status “failed”.