Moving From Workflow Editor to YAML

How to move from Codemagic Workflow Editor to YAML configuration.

Converting workflow settings to yaml cannot be done directly at the moment.

Please follow the steps we have included below for moving from Workflow Editor to YAML configuration.

  1. Prepare your codemagic.yaml file. You can use our sample templates for iOS and Android workflows for Flutter. You should be able to use it with minimal modifications.

  2. If you have added any custom scripts to your Workflow Editor, please make sure to include them as a separate build step in your codemagic.yaml file.

  3. You need to manually move your secrets and add them to the Environment variables section of your YAML configuration. Ensure that this section is ready before you start the process.

  4. For all the code-signing related credentials like distribution certificates, provisioning profiles for iOS, and keystores for Android, you will have to add them to the Code signing identities section under Teams > Settings > Code signing identities.

codemagic.yaml allows for even greater customization and better control over your builds, read more about it here.