Dependency caching

How to cache dependencies for builds configured with the Flutter workflow editor

You can speed up your builds by storing dependencies on Codemagic. To use caching, you must enable dependency caching in app settings. Note that caching is workflow-specific.

You can add paths to be cached, for example:

$FLUTTER_ROOT/.pub-cacheDart cache
$HOME/.gradle/cachesGradle cache. Note: do not cache $HOME/.gradle
$HOME/Library/Caches/CocoaPodsCocoaPods cache


Caching $HOME/Library/Developer/Xcode/DerivedData won’t help to speed up iOS builds with Xcode 10.2 or later.

Enabling dependency caching

  1. In your app settings, open the Dependency caching section.
  2. Check the Enable dependency caching option. By default, caching is disabled.
  3. Enter the path(s) to the dependencies to be cached and click Add. Note that you can delete added paths anytime.

Removing cached dependencies

In order to clear the collected cache, navigate to the Dependency caching section in app settings and click Clear cache. During the next build, dependencies will be downloaded afresh.