Add a Git tag with app version

You can use Codemagic to create a Git tag and push it to your repository.

  1. Add your app password / personal access token to Codemagic as a secure environment variable.

  2. Click on the ‘+’ sign between Build and Publish in your app settings and add the following Pre-publish script. Note that you need to replace the placeholders with your actual environment variable name and Git service details.

     #!/usr/bin/env sh
     set -e # exit on first failed commandset
     set -x # print all executed commands to the log
     if [ "$FCI_BUILD_STEP_STATUS" == "success" ]
       git tag $new_version
       git push "https://your-username:$" --tags


    • BUILD_NUMBER is the read-only environment variable that holds the total count of builds for this project in Codemagic.
    • your-username is your Git service username
    • APP_PASSWORD_ENV_VARIABLE is the name of the environment variable that holds your app password / personal access token.
    • is the name of your Git service, e.g., or
    • your-repo is the name of your repository

    Before creating the tag, the script will check if the build was successful.