Scheduling builds

Create schedules to run builds at regular intervals

This feature is available for teams only.

You can schedule Codemagic to automatically build your app on certain days and times. This way, your QA can start the day with the latest version of the app, or you can configure a workflow to run the long test suits at a convenient time and only run fast tests with builds triggered by commits to the repo.

Setting up scheduled builds

  1. Open your project in Codemagic.
  2. On the right sidebar under Scheduled builds, click Add new schedule.
  3. Select the Branch and the Workflow to run.
  4. In the Schedule for field, select the days you want to run the build.
  5. Specify the start time (UTC) of the build by selecting a value from the At field. Note that the build may be delayed up to 15 minutes during peak hours.
  6. Click Add schedule to save the schedule.

Saved schedules for each app are displayed in the Scheduled builds section on the right sidebar in app settings. If you no longer need the schedule, you can delete it by hovering on the schedule and clicking the trash bin icon.

Builds that are triggered from a schedule are marked with “scheduled” on the Builds page and have “Schedule” as the trigger in the build overview.

Note that the user who is the author of the commit that is built is counted as an active user. Read more about how we count active users.