Set up webhooks for automatic builds

Webhooks are necessary in order to be able to trigger builds automatically in response to events in the repository.

  • GitHub: Open your project and navigate to Settings > Webhooks > Add webhook, paste the payload URL from below (both application/json or application/x-www-form-urlencoded are supported as the Content type), and select the following events: Branch or tag creation, Pull requests, Pushes.

  • GitLab: Navigate to Settings > Webhooks, paste the payload URL and check the following boxes in the Trigger section: Push events, Tag push events, Merge request events. Also, be sure to enable SSL verification.

  • Bitbucket: Open your application repository, go to Settings > Webhooks (in Workflow section) > Add webhook, then enter an arbitrary title for the webhook and paste the payload URL in the URL field. For Triggers, select Choose from a full list of triggers and select the following events: Push in the Repository section and Created, Updated, Merged in the Pull Request section.

The payload URL has the following format: https://api.codemagic.io/hooks/[appId].

You can find your app ID in the browser URL after app/ when you open the app on Codemagic: https://codemagic.io/app/[appId]