Building for desktop

You can use Codemagic to build Flutter desktop apps for macOS and Linux. Building Windows apps is not yet supported.

Project structure requirements

Codemagic can detect your Flutter desktop project if it meets the following conditions:

  • The project contains a macos folder for the macOS application
  • The project contains a linux folder for the Linux application

Build configuration

  1. Navigate to App settings > Build.
  2. Select which Flutter version to use in the Flutter version dropdown. Flutter for desktop is available in channel Master.
  3. Under Build for platforms, select the platforms for which to build. You can select both macOS and Linux or only one of them.
  4. Select the build mode.
  5. Click Save to finish build configuration. You are now ready to run the build.

Build artifacts

At the end of a successful build, Codemagic generates a downloadable .zip file for each desktop platform. The application can be installed on your machine, but since it is built without code signing, you may have to allow installating applications from unidentified developers.