Building Android App Bundles

You can build your app in Android App Bundle (.aab) format for publishing to Google Play. When you upload your app in .aab format, app .apk(s) will be dynamically created and optimized for user's device configuration when the app is installed from Google Play Store.

Android App Bundles are supported starting from Flutter v1.1.5.

Building an Android App Bundle requires additional configuration as described in the sections below.

Enable building app bundles in Codemagic

In the Build section of app settings, tick Android and then choose Android app bundle (AAB) for the Android build format.

Prepare the app bundle for uploading to Google Play

In order to upload your Android App Bundle to Google Play, you will need to:

  1. Build the app in Release mode.
  2. Set up Android code signing in Codemagic to sign the app bundle.
  3. Set up publishing to Google Play in Codemagic to upload your app bundle to one of Google Play tracks.
  4. Enroll your app into app signing by Google Play to have Google sign the .apk(s) that are generated from the app bundle during installation.

When you enroll an app into app signing by Google Play, Google will manage your app's signing key for you and use it to sign the .apk for distribution. Note that the app must be signed with the same key throughout its lifecycle, so if the app has already been uploaded to Google Play, make sure to export and upload your original key to Google Play for app signing. It is then recommended to create a new key (“upload key”) for signing your app updates and uploading them to Google Play.