In order to use the paid features of Codemagic (see our pricing here), you must enable billing.

Note that:

  • Build time usage is counted separately for your personal account and each team.
  • Billing is managed separately for your personal account and each team.

Enabling billing

Billing can be enabled in User settings for your personal account and in team settings for a team.

In settings, click Enable billing on the right sidebar. You will be asked for credit card information, or you can select an existing credit card if you have already registered one in Codemagic. To finish, click Confirm and enable billing.

After billing is enabled, billing information (amount due, next payment date and billing history) will be visible on the right of the page. You will be charged monthly based on your usage of the paid features.

Updating billing details

Once you have enabled billing, you can click Update billing details on the right sidebar in team or user settings to change the billing information or add additional details, such as company name, billing email, address and tax ID.

Disabling billing

To disable billing, click on the Disable billing button in the Danger zone. On disabling billing, you will be immediately charged for the used paid features.