Codemagic Documentation

Welcome to Codemagic documentation!

Here you’ll find some essential information for setting up continuous integration and continuous delivery for your mobile apps with Codemagic.

There are also step-by-step guides on various topics available on our blog.

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As a Codemagic user, you can contribute to our documentation to improve it. Our documentation is available in a public repository on GitHub.

To contribute, fork the repository, make your changes and start a pull request. All pull requests will be reviewed by the Codemagic team. Read more from the repository’s readme.

Codemagic Slack workspace

If you have problems with setting up Codemagic CI/CD or want to talk to fellow mobile app developers, you are welcome to join our Slack workspace.

Codemagic status page

We post information about maintenances and issues with the service on our status page.